When the universe aligns, the creative trio meets at a place where their vision is united by their shared passion for something greater than their individual self. Their mission is then set forth – to build an extraordinary hair salon which is infused with exquisite hair trends, excellent personal skills and captivating styles. The creative house, brought to you by Nicholas Chua, Marcus Chin and Eewen Yap thus was established on 1st September 2015.

Inspired by The Soloist, a 2009 British-American drama film directed by Joe Wright, which depicts a true story of how a renowned musician presents his unique sense of style in music, and eventually showcasing his musical talent through his solo presentation, The Soloists Hair Salon draws inspiration from the essence of the film – believing that each individual in life, be it an artist, a writer or a hairstylist, each plays our own distinctive role in the society, to present artistry, in a form of style and aesthetics that is our very own, almost auteur in that manner. It feels like a member of an orchestra, individually talented, but as a group of orchestra, amazingly beautifully harmonized. That is what The Soloists Hair Salon hopes to stand for.

Impressed by the tenacity of the film, the Creative Director Nicholas Chua decided to name the hair salon, The Soloists Hair Salon. He was very much intrigued and find the word “soloist” very meaningful, artistic and outstanding. After all, he and his partners gather all the best soloists to provide customers (the audiences) with excellent standard of hair technique and service individually. They are all amazing and creative ‘soloists’ who have special part to play, and therefore will never be lonely, on this stage called life itself.

With a very industrialist surrounding and a warm inviting atmosphere, The Soloists Hair Salon is at the heart of Bukit Bintang. The creative yet cozy salon offers stunning and innovative UNISEX hairdressing and styling cater to all ages. One will most definitely be intrigued and inspired by the edgy creative space that this salon is, and will walk away feeling happy with one’s hair.

The truly talented team of stylists here offers a wide range of hair services to keep you looking good and confident. They dedicate themselves to ensuring that your experience in The Soloists Hair Salon is sensational and memorable, every single time.