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Bold move


January 2020

In early January 2020, The Soloists Hair Salon made a bold move – the brand took on the challenge of venturing into a totally new frontier. conquering the impossible by opening its 2nd salon up in the clouds at SkyAvenue Resorts World in Genting Highlands, the tourish spot well-known for its vibrant entertainment family outings and short-getaways


Step into our salon, where the atmosphere is an electrifying fusion of neon dreams and urban chic. Vibrant pops of color dance across sleek surfaces, creating a dynamic symphony for the senses. Neon lights cast a bold, energetic glow, infusing the space with a lively urban pulse.

The interior design is a modern canvas adorned with industrial elements, polished concrete floors, and exposed pipes, providing the perfect backdrop for the electric vibrancy that defines our style. Plush, avant-garde furniture adds a touch of luxury, inviting you to relax in comfort amidst the lively ambiance.

Vintage Modern

Industrial Chic Atmosphere

“Urban Edge Studios,” where industrial meets beauty in a harmonious blend of style and sophistication. Our salon is a unique haven that embraces the raw and urban aesthetic, providing a cutting-edge experience for clients seeking a modern and industrial vibe.

Sky Avenue Genting Lot No. T2B-41B Of Level

Every corner tells a story of bold creativity and innovation, from the graffiti-inspired wall art to the carefully curated neon signs that playfully illuminate the space. The atmosphere is alive with the hum of urban energy, creating a one-of-a-kind salon experience that is both edgy and inviting.

Industrially Chic

The interior of UrbanLocks is characterized by raw, exposed materials such as distressed metals, reclaimed wood, and polished concrete floors. High ceilings with exposed ductwork contribute to an industrial ambiance, creating a trendy and edgy atmosphere that sets the stage for a one-of-a-kind salon experience.

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