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May 2024

The NEW salon at TRX is designed to give corporate working group within the vicinity a place to unwind, de-stress, relax and escape within a subdued ambience , quiet atmosphere, pampering HEAD SPA, for that extra out-of-this world relaxing experience – luxury at its best.


The entrance to the salon welcomes clients with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring a simple and uncluttered reception area. Natural elements, such as smooth waterfall or bamboo accents, bring an organic touch to the space. Soft, neutral colors dominate the palette, with calming tones like muted greens, blues, and earthy neutrals creating a soothing ambiance.

Zen and Relaxing

Urban Oasis Atmosphere

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Japanese ideology of WABI SABI, embracing modern simplicity in sophistication, allowing room for imperfection to transform the meaning of beauty

Zen and Relaxing

The Waterfall Concept

Zen Waterfall’s design creates a serene space for mental calmness and stress reduction with gentle flowing water sounds. After a hectic day, the cascading water serves as a therapeutic element, aiding in unwinding and deep relaxation. The presence of a Zen waterfall cultivates a soothing atmosphere, offering solace and peace within the surroundings.

Zen and Relaxing

The Sunset Concept

Experience the sunset during your haircut in a salon with a minimalist interior design. This setting captures the breathtaking natural phenomenon as the sun descends below the horizon. The warm orange and pink tones, contrasting with deepening purples and reds, evoke a sense of serenity and peace.

The Exchange TRX

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